"The 2 Day Training That Enables You To Do More Of What You Love And Less Of What You Don't."

"Millionaire Real Estate Operations Bootcamp"

"The systems have to be more powerful than the people. People are interchangeable. You have a problem when people are more powerful than the systems. This Millionaire Real Estate Operations 2 Day Bootcamp has the systems." - Gary Keller

Speaker Lineup:

Mo Anderson

Creating a Joy Filled Life

Jason Abrams

Steps to Receive Massive Results From Your Database

Sajag Patel

Build A Concierge Value Proposition That Creates Raving Fans

Heather Cain

Listing Value Proposition to Win

Stephen Jack

How To Overcome Any Objection

Aaron Simons

5 Lead Generation Systems That Are Sustainable

Monica Kelts

Buyer Team Strategy Systems 

Monica Reynolds

The Millionaire Real Estate Operations Creator

You will receive 21 PLAYBOOKS to Plug and Play!

  • ​Hiring & Recruiting Playbook

  • Budget Playbook

  • Marketing Playbook

  • ​Client For Life Playbook

  • ​Social Media Playbook

  • ​Listing Playbook

  • ​Closing Transaction Playbook

  • Wealth Building for Team Playbook

  • Culture Playbook

  • ​Team Accountability Playbook

  • ​Skills Conversation Playbook

  • ​All Operations Team First 90 Days Playbook

  • ​Lead Generation Playbook

  • ​Database Playbook

  • Referral Playbook

  • ​Team Communication Playbook

  • ​Onboarding Playbook

  • ​Off boarding Playbook

  • ​Vendor / Affiliate Playbook

  • ​Office Systems Playbook

  • ​Reviews Playbook

* When you're able to build a great team, think about how good you'll feel when you're closing more homes, working less, and able to do only the things you want to do!

So Here's The Bottom Line With TheMillionaire Real Estate Operations Boot Camp

You get all of this for only $995... (Additional team members are only $495 each!)

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Event Details:

  •  Location: 1221 South Mopac Expy, Suite 400. Austin, TX

  •  Instructor: Monica Reynolds

  •  Day 1: (Monday) June 17, 2024 | 8:30am - 5:00pm

  •  Day 2: (Tuesday) June 18, 2024 | 8:00am - 4:00pm

What To Expect:

This class is for agents and assistants. Attend 2 high-impact days and receive 21 powerful system playbooks that are proven systems to build a Millionaire Real Estate Business. No more reinventing the wheel! This 2-day Boot Camp gives you the systems to scale, implement and get a return on your investment from your operation.

You will also network with the best Agents, Director of Operations and Assistants in the country. Learn the skills to make every transaction duplicatable and scalable. Learn the system to have every client give you 5 referrals in 5 years.

Mo Anderson will be attending the 2 day event and speaking to building a powerful team culture.

Cancellation Notice

Due to the expenses involved in producing the materials for each class attendee, any cancellation made after May 27, 2024 will not be refunded, but rather your ticket and registration will be moved to the next scheduled date.

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